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How to succeed in distance learning

Distance learning has opened doors for many students, especially for those who cannot afford to pay for the high fees of full-time courses. Although on-line distance learning courses have many advantages over on-campus degree classes, many factors come into play in order for students to successfully complete distance-learning courses.

Firstly, one should think of the syllabus as the bible for your class. It should contain all of the class guidelines and rules, as well as what your instructor expects from you over the course of the semester. Make sure you read this document in its entirety and keep track of it all semester. Ask your instructor any questions you might have about the syllabus. Make sure you clearly understand what your responsibilities are as a student from the very beginning. Knowing what to expect from your course will help you to plan how to proceed in the course from day one. Therefore, it is important to figure this out early on.

A big part of being successful in a distance-learning course involves setting a schedule for yourself that you adhere to throughout the semester. You will not have a teacher reminding you every day about due dates and reading assignments, so you will need to stay on top of this yourself. Create a schedule with all of your due dates listed and when you want to start working on each project so that you can plan your time accordingly. It can be very easy to fall behind in a distance-learning course if you do not set a schedule for yourself.

Distance learning courses take time — time that you must commit to spending without any outside encouragement from your teacher or classmates as you might get in a physical classroom setting. You are responsible for completing all of the work on your own time. College courses are said to take about two hours of work per week per credit hour outside of class time. Therefore, a good rule of thumb if you are taking a distance course that is three credit hours is to expect to spend about nine hours per week completing work for that course. Try to stay on top of your time scheduling from the beginning. It can be very difficult to get caught up if you fall behind, especially if you are taking more than one on-line class. Meeting class deadlines is crucial to success in a distance-learning environment. Your instructor will expect you to manage your time and complete assignments on time, so they may be less flexible with extensions and less forgiving with your excuses. If you miss a deadline, there are fewer excuses available to you than in a regular classroom because everything is submitted on-line. It is assumed, that you are tech-savvy enough to handle the on-line aspect of the class. In addition, your teacher will receive a timestamp on everything you submit, so there is no fudging about when you turned something in.

Even though you may feel somewhat anonymous in an online classroom, as in the case of many on-line spaces, you are still required to behave as you would in any normal classroom setting. This means treating your professor and classmates with respect when you engage with them. Do not air your grievances about the class on-line or exhibit anger in any form in a class discussion post. Your instructor will see these comments and it may negatively impact your grade. Respond to your classmates’ posts with kindness and respect. You would want them to treat you the same way. Since distance learning doesn’t typically involve actual classrooms full of people engaged in conversations together, it’s important for you to participate in the on-line discussion posts instead. You will learn a lot from these conversations and you will probably be required to post a certain amount for credit in the course. Successful distance learners do more than just memorize and regurgitate information. They think critically about what they have learned and how they can apply it to the real world or how it might be useful in their job.

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What is the most difficult part of distance learning?

  1. It is difficult to be combined with college courses.
  2. Managing time diligently is challenging.
  3. Great amount of work should be done without any consultation.
  4. More than one course must be selected.

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