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Установите соответствие между текстами A–G и заголовками 1–8. Запишите свои ответы. Используйте каждую цифру только один раз. В задании один заголовок лишний.

1. The new goal
2. The great fighting
3. The siege of Leningrad
4. Liberating the most part of the territory
5. The beginning of the war
6. The ruin of the plans
7. The unity of the nation
8. Before the Victory day

A. The Great Patriotic War Broke out on June 22, 1941. Hitler Germany invaded the Soviet Union without declaring war. The nazi armed forces crossed the border and bombed the Soviet territory. The nazi artillery was shelling Leningrad. The enemy planes were bombing Ukrainian cities. The Soviet Command had to surrender Odessa.
B. To end the war before the New Year the German Command announced a drive on Moscow. However, the nearer the enemy drew to Moscow, the stronger became the resistance of the Soviet people. All Soviet Union rallied in the face of common danger. Thousands of volunteers went to the front. Guerilla detachments were operating behind the enemy's lines. The civilians, men and women, spared no eff ort to supply the army with provisions and munitions. The fi ghting army was reinforced with the reserve. Fresh reinforcements were brought up.
C. The Hitlerites failed to break down the resistance of the defenders of Moscow. Though the Soviet troops had suff ered heavy losses in dead and wounded, Moscow was not captured by the Hitlerites. Hitler's plan failed. The nazis did not take into consideration the patriotism of the Soviet people and underestimated the fighting ability of the Soviet armed forces. Besides, the aggressors were not prepared for a winter campaign. The rout of the nazis in the battle of Moscow was their first major defeat in the Second World War. The myth of the invincibility of the Hitler army was shattered.
D. The main objective of the Hitlerites' new off ensive was the Caucasus with its rich oil fields. The German strategy was to separate the Soviet troops in the Caucasus from those in the north and prevent them from using the Volga for river traffi c. To carry out this strategic plan Hitler concentrated in the Stalingrad area over forty divisions supported by tank units and aviation. The nazis' plane and tank attack on Stalingrad caused great damage to the city.
E. Heavy street fi ghting was going on in the suburbs. Most of the buildings were ruined or burnt down. But the defenders of the city, fighting with unprecedented courage, checked the enemy's advance and a few months later launched a counter-off ensive. After three months' heavy fi ghting the Soviet troops broke through the German fortifi ed points and as a result of the breakthrough took prisoner the entire nazi garrison trapped in that area.The victory won over the nazis in the battle of Stalingrad determined the outcome of the war.
F. The retreat of the nazi troops that began after the battle of Stalingrad continued. The Red Army was striking crushing blows at the retreating enemy on all sectors of the front. Driving the enemy to the west, it advanced nearly two thousand kilometres and liberated the greater part of the Soviet territory occupied by the invaders. The enemy circle round Leningrad was broken through and the blockade of the city, which had lasted 900 days, came to an end. Soon after that the whole territory of the Soviet Union was liberated from the enemy.
G. On April 16, 1945 the Red Army and the allied troops surrounded Berlin. On May 2, 1945 the remnants of the nazi army had to capitulate. On May 8,1945 the Act of Unconditional Surrender of nazi Germany was signed. Hitler's war machine was crashed, fascist Germany was defeated. The Soviet Union and the Allied countries won a historic victory. On May 9, 1945 Prague was liberated and the war in Europe was over.

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