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Установите соответствие между текстами A–G и заголовками 1–8. Запишите свои ответы. Используйте каждую цифру только один раз. В задании один заголовок лишний.

Henry VII

1. Unlucky marriage
2. Mainly care
3. Closer to the heart
4. Severe to everyone
5. Broken hopes
6. Disappointed appearance
7. Bloody end
8. Brilliant beginning

A. Henry VIII was born in 1491 and became king of England and Wales in 1509. When he came to the throne he seemed to have everything — he was tall, handsome, good at hunting, and also religious and musical — he composed several songs including the famous Greensleeves. He was also happily married to his new wife Catherine of Aragon. But Henry wanted a son to be his heir, and was prepared to do anything to get what he wanted . He broke with the Catholic Church in order to divorce Catherine, and he married five more times, although his marriages were mostly unsuccessful.
B. Henry’s first wife was Catherine of Aragon. She was the daughter of the king and queen of Spain, so it was really a political marriage. They got married in 1509 when she was 24 and he was only 18. King Henry desperately needed a son, a son who would keep his family in power for another generation. But although Catherine got pregnant many times, the babies never survived. Years passed and finally she had a baby daughter called Mary. But Henry wanted a son, and by this time, Catherine was too old to have more children. Henry now fell madly in love with Anne Boleyn, one of the Catherine’s ladies-in-waiting, and he wanted a divorce from Catherine, but the Pope wouldn’t give him one. Henry broke off relations with the Catholic Church and declared his marriage to Catherine illegal.
C. Henry’s second wife was Anny Boleyn. She was a woman who men found very attractive, and Henry was no exception. Ann was a very clever woman, and an ambitious too. She made it clear to Henry that she wanted to be his queen, not just his lover. In the end she got what she wanted in 1533.But their marriage only lasted three years. A few months after the wedding Ann gave birth to a daughter, Elizabeth, who would later become the queen of England. Soon the relations between her and Henry began to deteriorate. She was arrested, accused of adultery. On May 19th 1536 she was beheaded outside the Tower of London.
D. Jane Seymour was Henry’s third wife. They were married just two weeks after Anne’s execution. She was the woman that Henry loved most, and during their short marriage he was a devoted husband. In 1537 she gave birth to a son, Prince Edward. But Jane got ill after the birth, and just two weeks later she died. Although they had only been married for two years, Henry left instructions that when he died he was to be buried next to her.
E. Henry’s fourth wife was Anne of Cleves, she was a German princess. He needed to remarry mostly for political reasons. Henry had seen only Anne’s portrait and he liked her. But unfortunately the painter had exaggerated Anne’s beauty, and when Henry met her in person, just before their wedding, he didn’t find her attractive at all, in fact he thought she looked like a horse. The King was furious, but it was too late to cancel the wedding. But Henry and Anne never slept together, and Henry used this as a reason for their divorce after less than six months of marriage.
F. Henry’s last wife was Katherine Parr. Henry was now 52, a lonely old man, but still with a terrifying personality. When Henry met her, she was in love with another man. But of course she could not say no to the king. Katherine was a mature intelligent woman of 31, she must have been more of a nurse than a wife as Henry was now in very bad health. The marriage lasted four years.
G. Henry VIII had a very bad temper and he could be extremely cruel to people who opposed him or disagreed with him, as all of his wives discovered. As he grew older he became even more terrifying. He had a painful ulcer on his leg and was so overweight that a machine had to drag him upstairs. He died in 1547, aged 55.

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